Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mum Got Invitation Card.......

          Yesterday my mum got 1 wedding invitation card from 1 of her anak angkat. I was focusing on the tv that time and i said to her i will read it later. As she was told me that who's wedding its then i just quite and continue on watching my channel. Then she saying bout this girl (actually that girl is my Adik angkat her name is Azie.)bla bla bla. Actually i don't like someone disturbing me while i'm doing something. Once she realise i was not respond on her. She coming to me with the invitation card and ask me to read it up rite away. I was like bit annoying that time. And after that
     Mum : Baca lah kad kahwin dia tu.
      Me : lor kan mama dah bagitau. Tarikh pun dah tahu cumanya kakak x sure boleh pi ke tak. banyak keje yg nk kena buat nie.
     Mum :Kesian ler kalau kamu tak pegi. Dia kan dah harap sangat suh kamu pi. (and bla bla her continue with the sad story.) : kakak.... agak2nyer bila mama merasa nak ade semua nie nak pi tempah kad kahwin camnie.    
        I was like so terkejut. I,m started to run away coz you know i always had this kind of topic so i cakap dekat mama
      Me : lor. mama nie dekat pertama kompleks or kat maju junction tu banyak orang ambik tempahkan. yelar masa mama dulu x de kan heheh.... x per nanti kita pi tempah tuk mama for kenangan2 hahaha. (gila gelak guling time tu sebab mama dah start buat muka pelik dia.)

          Suddenly mama start shouting at me. Hahaha... " bertuah punya anak. orang citer pasal dia. Sabar lah aku dengan korang nie." Sorry ma Its not because i,m not ready with marriage but i don't have anyone to be my husband yet. I know you too worried but i dont care about it as long as i can take care you. Just pray so that all your son and daughter can marriage fast. hehehe. btw i love you mum. I love you so much

Monday, January 14, 2013

My head was Drilling

Today was not a gud day for me. I left my phone nowhere and after that i gelabah cari coz someone call me thru my office number. We are full house. But there is 2 people come over and asking if there is available room for him/her to check in. I told him/her that we don't have any room to be sell today as we are full house. But they refuse and said there will wait here until guest check out and get a room from them. after a while i just ignore them and continue doing my report. after the incident happen, the contractor coming to install table for the pc tab ( i guest. It was so noisy, and bed smell around the lobby as they drilling and do the finishing for the table. I feel really not comfortable as i was allergic to that kind of smell as i will having asthma after that. The sound was so bad. Its like i,m drilling my self. Boleh tak masa bergerak laju sikit sebab saya rasa nak muntah hari nie and saya bosan sangat nak keje ari nie. Sekian