Sunday, February 6, 2011

something that i,m not surpose to know.....

         I found something that i suppose not to know today. A page with my BF name and his picture on that. On that page show that about his status. He already married. Some comment from his wife as well. 2 day before I see his wife page. On that page appear their wedding picture. But I just Ignore it because I taught the picture was belong to his twins. But today this page really hurt me so much. Why I need to know this things when everything almost done. When my engagement day is just around the corner.

       Now I,m so confuse don't know what to do. Either believe what i,m seeing or from something from what i heard. Now I,m really feel so tired. Now i,m just realized that why sometimes when i called someone will cut off the line or someone will replying the massage. Why I,m still so stupid and simply believe after get hurts so many times. Why I need to give all my heart to him. And end up i,m hurt. So much pain.

         I know my life need to go on. But i,m keep on be cheating and hurting. I dont have any strength to live now. Not even in a single time i enjoy my happy life. I dont know i can stand with this kind of things and be patient.