Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Craving of something sweet.

          OMG kenapa lar sejak dua tiga menjak start diet nie teringin makan smothing weet yg memang x related langsung dalam i punya senarai diet harian. Hu hu hu. starting minggu lepas lagi. First Craving of EGG TART.

           Kebetulan on that day Asma and Rusydi pi Jalan2 ke bukit Bintang. I just got my egg tart from one off the shop at Time Square. Sgt2 awesome. and for the whole week i,m only eat that thing. Next is Red Velvet Cake.

           This we bought from The Apartment at The Curve. So Delicious. Melted in my mouth. hye still can feel the taste. Disebabkan nk cari kek nie lar Helmet sampai hilang. Dari The Curve ke Umh kt Flora damansara naik motor without Helmet. HA ha ha giler berani kan. Kepala ala2 kebal gitu. Nasib baik tak kena saman dengan Polis kalau tak hye entah lar. Next was Macaroons.

           Macaroons was special bought by 1 of my friends from G- Tower. another good desert that we enjoys having it. Memang berbalaoi lar RM 20 for 6pcs only. ha ha ha. Crispy but very soft and it will melted on my mouth. Wow x tau dah nk gambarkan cmner rasanya. memang Membuai. and Next Donut.

            Yang nie belum dapat lagi coz I keje petang and my Best buddy keje mlm. So slalunya JJCM nie kami berdua jer. Tengok lar besok ker lusa ker we will get it as She will going back to her Hometown this weekends. So watch out J.Co will get u there.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


       Now i knew it. Your was someone husbands. Thanks to my friend that call his house and pretend like old friends. Thanks to my sweet little Untie that helps me to find all the prove especially all the photo and etc.

       But I just cant understand why he still dont want to admit it. Even I almost have all the prove. I,ll dont mind if He already married. But for sure i will not accept his proposal but why he still want to keep this things shut.

Now I,m started to hates him. So much. Feel like want to kill him.