Thursday, March 17, 2011

Meaning of my name. FRESHTA= Angel... i just know that

        Assalammualaikum and A very Early Gud morning to all.

         Minggu nie keje malam. Ari nie agak menganuk cikit coz tak bape cukup tido. Ari nie sesaja je menggoogle maksud nama ku yang chumel ini. Sechumel orangnyer. FRESHTA = ANGEL. He he he. FYI i just know the actual meaning of my name. Nama nie berasal dari perkataan Afganistan. kat sini ada sedikit info pasal nama freshta berdasarkan numerology of Afgan. atually kepada saper yg x tahu my Full name is NOR ZARISH FRESHTA BT MAHAMAD RASHIP.

Destiny Number : 1
Meaning - People having 1 as their destiny number are successful in whatever profession or occupation they may be in. The are independent and innovative. They are individualistic. They have leadership traits. They like bossy attitude. They keep their authority and make themselves respected and looked up to by their subordinates. They must act as per their own verdict and must garner the fruits of their on effort. They must be bold and meticulous. They must not extremely pompous and overconfident. They can get easily divorced.

Personality Number : 9
People having 9 as their personality number desire love and independence. They love art and music. They are generous kindhearted, humane, and philanthropic. They love traveling and teaching but hate restraint. They are good at healing. They see goodness in everyone. They are bold, functional broadminded and spiritual. They have will power and are determined enthusiastic and energetic. But they are impulsive, contentious, ill tempered rebellious and impatient too.

Soul Number : 8

Those with 8 as their soul urge think and plan big things. They are affirmative and efficient. They have strong will power but they are inflexible. They serve as good businessman and like to accumulate wealth. They seek power and authority and are fabulous functional. They are excellent planner and analytical. They come out to be good leaders. They rarely succumb to stress or shock. Their personality is powerful and full of wonderful possibilities. They are never satiated with small or low deeds. They hate exaggeration of any kind.

Haaaaa, Punya panjang lebar maksudnya tersangat lar details. So lepas nie kalau ada orang tanya senang lar jawab. I can Angel he he he. tetiba berangan lebay kan. Tapi biasa lar numerology nie bukan kita leh percaya 100% kan. Ada sesetengah perkara yang sama dlm kehidupan seharian.

P/S : so lepas nie kalau korang nak letak nama anak leh lar letak nama nie FRESHTA