Sunday, February 22, 2015

memory stick @ usb

   I have so many person come and go in my life. I have so many things to do with so little times. I wish I could remember all the good memory without putting it on my usb.

    Those person that come and go. there is a person that left me forever.  I dont have anything to look at. However,  the longger they go the bigger that memory grows. Those picture was very clear in my mind and and my heart.

     If suddenly I have amnesia,  I wish that to keep those memories. I can leave without anyone. But I cant leave without them.

      I don't know until when I could breath.  But please don't take those memories from me. As I need them to continue my life. I could die If I lost those. As for now no usb needed to keep those files. However I,m afraid if I need the usb to keep those files I don't know how to connect as I dont have any the connector at my head.

To all good person that I love. Alfatihah.